I’m using the new MAC Padma Lakshmi collection
Who is the genetically blessed being that is Padma Lakshmi? Well, I understand her from watching one as well many seasons of top Chef. keep in mind the pea puree incident? Nem? WELL I DO, as well as IT WAS SCANDALOUS!

You may understand her from her modeling work or her cookbooks. Ő gyönyörű. absolutely beautiful. as well as she has a new MAC collection coming out soon (it’ll be offered on the internet as well as at choose stores from March 15th with April).


It’s a full collection — eyeshadows, blushes, a few liners, some brushes, great deals of lipsticks, a gloss — as well as it looks luxe, with sturdy gold packaging (that may or may not be metal) as well as intricate details. products that would look right at house on a table in a high-end shop that offers boho woven rugs, crystals, hammered artisan fashion jewelry as well as couture peasant tops.

Feels kinda boho chic, yeah?
Everything feels weighty as well as expensive.

I’ll be speaking about other products from the collection over the next few days, however today was all about one of the two eyeshadow quads. I truly like 70’s Sunset ($33). The colors are surprisingly great toned, so not at all like the warm reddish brown as well as orange brown thing happening in the world of eyeshadow palettes now (and for the past few years).

Eye Shadox X 4 in 70’s Sunset ($33)
The quad has two Mattes as well as two Veluxe Pearls, which are MAC’s shiny shimmers (but they stop short of frosty).


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

The two Mattes are mid-toned great beige Sand & Clay, which appears like a cool-toned version of MAC Soft Brown, as well as a mid-toned plum similar to MAC Haux.

The two Veluxe Pearls are coppery purple Mumtaz, which has golden pearl in it (it’s like MAC Trax’s very first cousin), as well as light mossy eco-friendly Cardamom, which has a strong white undertone (it’s a great deal like Swimming, a now-discontinued shimmery eco-friendly that utilized to online in the long-term line).

It’s fascinating exactly how eyeshadows in the exact same MAC surface household can be soooo different in genuine life. Like, I like shimmery purple Mumtaz in this quad. It’s incredibly smooth, as well as the shimmer is visible however subtle. It’s one of those shadows that you put on your lids someday as well as recognize six months later that you’ve used it everyday since.

Sand & Clay, All’s Rosy, Mumtaz as well as Cardamom
As for other Veluxe Pearl in the quad, mossy eco-friendly Cardamom…it isn’t my favorite.

I believe the color fits the rest of the quad well. I mean, it belongs. It cheers up the entire quad, as well as I can I totally see myself wanting a mossy eco-friendly if I were going to wear purples on my lids as well as lash lines, since I might do a bit swish in the inner corner, however there’s something I don’t like about the texture… this doesn’t feel as extravagant as the other three shades. The bits are larger, as well as the powder sheers out faster.

I dunno… as well as every time a stray powder grain reaches my water lines, my eyes tear up a little.

I can make it work if I apply it with a wet brush, which I may do on event since I do like exactly how it looks in the inner corner.

I’m using Mumtaz as well as All’s Rosy on my lids, Sand & Clay in my crease as well as lower lash lines, as well as Cardamom in the inner tear duct.
Other than eco-friendly Cardamom, I like this quad. The shades are pigmented (I like that I don’t have to stack them on to get them to show up on my skin), soft as well as extremely blend-able. If you’re tan like me or have a deeper skin tone, you might quickly rock this daily.

If you’re lighter than I am, it may be more of a special event or “going out” type of thing, since the shades will most likely look much more intense on your skin than they do on mine.

Overall, though, I’m diggin’ this quad, even though I don’t like the green.


Good job, Padma!

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