Nekem? shave my face??
Don’t freak out! however today we’re going to talk about shaving our faces.

Yes, I understand that most of us are women, as well as most people believe we shouldn’t shave our faces, however they’re WRONG!


I’m one of those people plagued with a fuzzy face. I’ve got peach fuzz around my cheeks as well as jaw.

Most of the time you can’t truly tell, however if the sun hits me the right way, I look like I’ve got a full-on blonde beard.

It’s not my preferred look. Plus, makeup clings to it, which makes it even more noticeable.


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So, one night while I was browsing the interwebs, I came across an article where this woman was speaking about exactly how she shaved her face! Needless to say, I was intrigued… I discovered that there’s really a procedure done at the dermatologist’s office called Dermaplanin, which is actually where they go in with a bit razor, just like the one I have, as well as they shave your face.

Not only does it get rid of the fuzz, however it’s likewise lightly exfoliating, as it scrapes off the top layer of dead skin.

Oh, as well as you can do it at home! No requirement to sound up an costly dermatology bill. All you requirement is an inexpensive eyebrow razor, which I get from my regional Sally beauty Supply. A great deal of people utilize the Tinkle Razors from Amazon instead, however I haven’t tried them yet. They’re next on my list.

To utilize the razor, hold the blade at a 45-degree angle to your skin, as well as run it lightly down your face…in the direction of the hair growth! keep working around the areas that requirement it.

Another area to cover is the upper lip. No requirement to keep a fuzzy mustache if you don’t want to!

I understand what you may be thinking. “But if I shave my face, won’t it grow back darker as well as thicker?”


The response is NO! I’ve been shaving my deal with for most likely about a year now, as well as my regrowth is precisely the exact same as it was before I started. I’ve checked out rather a few articles about it, as well as everybody has stated the exact same thing.

I’m a slave to doing it now! You’ll be shocked at exactly how well your makeup goes on as well as exactly how smooth your skin feels. Another great thing is that I only have to do it about when a month. It’s so low maintenance, however your deal with feels like a baby’s butt!

Do you believe you’ll ever shave your face, or have you done it before? comment down below, as well as let me understand exactly how it went!