A few fun Chanel lipsticks!
I may or may not have been using nude lips for the much better part of nine months now, sooooo one might phone call this a “nude lip rut,” however I mean to break it with these fun Chanel lipsticks…because Chanel makes whatever better.(Please enable me this fantasy.)

These are a few shades from the Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lipcolour line. They’re $38 each, shiny, moisturizing as well as vary from medium protection to opaque. Also, like most of Chanel’s lip products, they have a regal, rosy flavor as well as scent.


Edith is a fave! It’s an opaque neutral pink that goes extraordinarily well with shimmery taupe shadows like the one I’m using right here (Chanel Ombre Premiere Laque in Desert Wind).

Rouge Coco in Edith
I’m likewise a fan of Jean, a hot pink with a purple hint. like Edith, it goes well with shimmery taupe lids.

Rouge Coco in Jean
For this last lip look, a ’90s-style unblended lip, I layered sheer beige Vera with warm reddish brown Misia, then lined my lips with MAC burgundy Lip Pencil.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

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Rouge Coco in Vera as well as Misia (sadly, both appear to be discontinued), together with MAC burgundy Lip Pencil
The eye makeup

I’m always looking for new eye combos that excite me without exhausting my patience, as well as the shimmering taupe lid look right here only relies on two things, both from Chanel. The shadow is Desert Wind, a cream shadow that is available in a tube with a wand. It’s long-wearing as well as sets fast, so you have to work quickly to buff out the edges.

I sure do like exactly how wet as well as glossy it looks.

Love me some taupe!
As for the liner, it’s called Black Wood, as well as it’s one of Chanel’s twist-up, long-wearing pencil liners from the Stylo Yeux line. It’s a rich, deep brownish black.

I’ve been looking for a borderline-black dark brown liner since my MAC Coffee pencil is almost completed (TEARS!). I was hoping I might replace it with this liner since I like the long-wearing formula (it likewise doesn’t irritate my eyes), however I believe it leans a bit as well black to be a dupe.

Mind you, I still like it, as well as I’m definitely going to keep it in rotation!

But by far the most fascinating makeup around these parts lately…

Is the makeup Connor did on this blank deal with chart…

Because institution is on Christmas break, she’ll be house for the next couple weeks, so I’ve been trying to discover methods to keep her busy, as well as this has been one of our preferred activities so far. I googled “blank deal with chart” as well as had her pick one she liked (she didn’t want to do makeup on the ones without hair, go figure!), then printed it out.

I provided her some brushes, palettes as well as pencils, as well as let her have at it!


Please note the kitty buddy sitting next to her.

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