good mornin’! happy Friday to you.I hope your day is getting off to a good start.

Simply for discussion purposes, here are a few drugstore Neutrogena faves I’ve been loving lately…


Ultra gentle daily Cleanser

This paraben-, phthalate- and sulfate-free bad boy’s made for all skin types, but it works extra well for sensitive skin (including acne-prone peeps like moi). This oil-free face wash whisks away oil, sweat, makeup and anything else on your face without stripping your skin. I’ve loved this cleanser for years, and I typically return to using the Foaming formula in the summer because of how quickly it removes leftover sunscreen and makeup from the day. nagyszerű dolog!

$9.99 for a 12-oz. Palack szivattyúval.

Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue Formula

This basically brings my hair back from the dead! ?‍ If you lean on smoothing hair products to control frizz and remove leftover residue from shampoo, conditioner and styling products, this gentle but effective clarifying shampoo is SO money. It’s made for all hair types, including color-treated manes, and I use it once or twice a week in place of my regular shampoo to deep clean my roots and strands. Afterwards, my hair looks and feels more voluminous.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

$6.99 for a 6-oz bottle.

Ultra sheer face mist Sunscreen 55

I literally — literally — never leave home without this because I always have a bottle in my little black backpack. I usually do a mineral sunscreen before I leave the house (Elta MD), but I like to touch up with this physical sunscreen when I’m out and about. It’s a sheer, non-sticky liquid sunscreen that feels lightweight and comfortable. I mist a few few pumps in my hands, and then work the liquid onto my neck, arms, face and wherever else I want/need sun protection.

$17.49 for a 3.5-oz. Palack szivattyúval.

Soothing clear Turmeric Jelly makeup Remover

This soothing, lightweight makeup removing gel for dehydrated and/or acne-prone skin melts into my skin, and the turmeric formula smells great to me! — kinda like ripe orange studded with cloves. good for removing small-to-moderate amounts of face makeup. That said, if you regularly wear long-wearing, heavy-duty face paint or waterproof mascara or liner, you’ll need major backup.

$6.97 for a 5-oz. Palack szivattyúval.

Soothing clear Turmeric Mist

This lightweight and refreshing oil-free moisturizing mist won’t make your skin sticky, and it’s a nice extra to have on hand if you don’t mind another step in your skin care routine. free of sulfates, silicones, mineral oils and parabens.

$9.99 for a 4.2-oz. spray bottle.

Radiant setting Spray healthy Skin

When I spray this directly on top of my makeup when I’ll be wearing a mask out in public, my base doesn’t transfer onto my mask.

$14.99 for a 3.4-oz. üveg.


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,