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The new MAC Fluidline Pens ($22 each)
First, there were the original MAC Fluidline Gel Liners, then the MAC Fluidline Eye Pencils, and now the pen is even mightier than the sword, pencil and the gel, thanks to the new $22 MAC Fluidline Pens.

Wait — say what?!


Yup, that’s right, fellow Fluidline fans. now you can get your Fluidline fix from a pen.

Tudom! I’m blowing your mind right now!

These four pens are essentially liquid versions of MAC Fluidline gel liner, so they’re smudge-resistant and dry quickly to a bold matte finish.


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$ 42

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They arrive with the new 10-piece MAC Fluidity collection, which is mostly made up of re-promotes from the MAC permanent line.

The new MAC Fluidline Pens ($22 each) from the left in retro Black, vintage Brown, Indelibly Blue and Privet

I gotta say — I’m lovin’ the long length and flexible felt tip on these pens. I think they’re way easier to work with than regular MAC liquid liners with their stiffer, shorter tips.

Methinks these are better for drawing thin, precise lines with smooth edges.

These last at least eight hours for me, too, which is good, without transferring into my crease.

But they aren’t 100% without-a-doubt completely budge-proof. I have noticed that when I’m wearing them and I rub my eyes (like when Tabs has me running ragged and I’m dog tired), I can see little bits of liner lift.

So, remember to keep those paws away off your eyes!

MAC Fluidline Pens swatches from the left in retro Black, vintage Brown, Indelibly Blue and Privet
The MAC Fluidline Pens arrive with the rest of the MAC Fluidity collection at Macy’s November 27 through November 30, and then also at MAC stores, counters and online, where they join the MAC permanent collection, starting December 10.

The MAC Fluidity collection

Fluidline Pen in retro Black, a matte black ($22)

Fluidline Pen in vintage Brown, a matte brown ($22)

Fluidline Pen in Indelibly Blue, a matte deep navy blue ($22)

Fluidline Pen in Privet, a matte sea green ($22)

Pro Longwear paint Pot in Layin’ Low, a creamy beige ($22)

Pro Longwear paint Pot in Groundwork, a mid-tone neutral taupe ($22)

Pro Longwear paint Pot in Painterly, a nude beige ($22)

Pro Longwear paint Pot in Soft Ochre, a yellowish beige ($22)

Pro Longwear paint Pot in Bare Study, a soft beige with golden pearl ($22)

242 Shader brush ($25)

I talk a lot more about the pens in the video.


Thank you as always for watching.

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