I’m always about *this* close to quitting my subscription to Allure, because whenever a Kardashian or a Jenner pops on the cover, I’m just like, “I can’t. I can’t do this anymore.” but then, ya know, another issue will arrive, and I’ll start flipping through the pages, and it’s just makeup inspiration up the wazoo, so I keep subscribing.

In the April 2019 issue…AH! — so much color inspo from the stunning actress Gemma Chan. She’s one of the stars of crazy rich Asians and the sci-fi drama Humans, where she plays a preternaturally stunning robot who gains self-awareness.


There’s a lengthy piece on her with pictures of different looks, and what strikes me the most is all the color. There’s a lot of it, but so much of it is done in a way that looks absolutely doable and wearable. In fact, I think they could be turned into 10-minute versions, like her cover look… The lip? Oh, I love the red lip. The edges are perfect! I also love the soft flick in the outer corner and how it looks like she’s only wearing one or two eyeshadows on her lids (they don’t look cray complicated).

Also, may I point out her black nail polish?! szeretem.From a functional standpoint, however, I know I’d only get a day or two out of it before seeing chips, but it looks so good in these pics, man. It’s an edgy counterpoint to the classic, timeless makeup.

Could this be the catalyst for me breaking out of my pastel polish phase? Talán!


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I’ve also got mad love for this second look here with the perfectly matching pink lids and the pink lips…

And see her lashes? I love how natural they look. absolutely not OTT. They just look like lashes with mascara on them, and same goes for her brows. They’re full, but yet still look like regular brows.

I’m also getting major inspiration from this Lancôme foundation ad on the back cover. This is my favorite type of makeup to wear — neutral shades with a low-key glam style. I love that all of the looks have one focal point (black kitten liner, a smudgy bronze lower lash line, and that stunning plum lip), and everything is “pulled back.”

It just goes to show that neutrals are anything but boring.

I’ve observed over the last year or so that allure loves doing graphic liner stories, and there are a few bold styles in this issue I want to eventually try just for fun, even though I probably won’t ever leave the house wearing them.

I only wish the editors showed the entire face of makeup! I want to know what to wear with these eye looks, because if you do one eye with crazy liner, it would be a nightmare to get the other eye to look symmetrical! Do you just have one crazy eye and one relatively normal eye? I really WANNA KNOW.

Oh, and peep this photo with the blue eyeshadow…

My favorite thing about it isn’t how the blue extends up into the brows and looks glossy in some areas (which is SO COOL). It’s the heart painted in the inner corner. It looks organic and natural. Not incredibly sketched out and perfect.

So, so cool!


What’s inspiring your makeup these days?

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