Dior Diorshow pro liner waterproof in Backstage Black #092 ($32)
I like to think of myself as a somewhat creative person who also happens to put necklaces on her cat, so I absolutely appreciate it when makeup brands think outside the box and technique everyday products from different angles.

Take Dior’s new Diorshow pro liner waterproof eyeliner ($32), for example. It quite literally takes a different angle!


LOL! I made myself laugh…

Dior calls this new eyeliner a “hybrid” because it comes in pencil form but has the glide and color intensity of a liquid liner. instead of having a regular pointy pencil tip, it has a beveled, angled edge, so that you can draw lines of different widths.

Hold the liner perpendicular to your lids, and you’ll draw a thin line. place it parallel to your skin, and the line will be thicker.


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It comes in six $32 shades — Backstage Black #092, Backstage brown #582, Backstage Blue #272, Backstage Grey #042, Backstage Khaki #472 and Backstage Purple #182 — now available in the Dior permanent collection.

I struggled a bit the first few times I tried to use it. The shade was Backstage Black #092. I dunno… maybe I have a funky tube, but the pencil felt very stiff, and it wasn’t that pigmented. It clearly did not want to glide across my skin, at all.

Then I inadvertently broke the idea — twice! — which was probably my bad, because I twisted the pencil idea up too far and, apparently, this liner doesn’t want you to do that.


Wearing Dior Diorshow pro liner waterproof in Backstage Black #092 on my upper lash lines

Oddly enough, though, after the idea broke the second time, Diorshow pro liner got a little much easier to use. It applied much a lot more smoothly with richer, a lot more intense color.

I wouldn’t exactly say that it applies as easily as a liquid liner, because when I slide the pencil idea across my skin, I can still feel it dragging along my lash lines, which usually doesn’t happen with a liquid, but still…

As for the formula’s waterproofness, I haven’t run through any sprinklers in my skivvies while wearing it (yet), but the formula does stay put from dawn till dusk without migrating or transferring into my crease.

Swatches of Dior Diorshow pro liner waterproof in Backstage Black #092
FYI, you will need to bust a step when you work with Diorshow pro liner because it dries in about a minute, so you don’t have a lot of time to smudge or right any mistakes.

Overall, I like Diorshow pro Liner. It’s intensely pigmented and long lasting, but it takes a while to get good with the angled tip. That, and the quick dry time doesn’t allow much room for error, so if you plan to smudge or hope to make any corrections, work fast.

Probably best for a very certain kind of eyeliner — lines with soft edges. as for drawing crisp edges? felejtsd el. It still might be worth the $32, though…


If you’re trying to find a high-end, long-wearing pencil for drawing lines with soft edges, try Diorshow pro Liner, but if you like flicks crisp enough to cut glass, you may want to look elsewhere (like for something in a gel or liquid formula).

PRICE: $32
AVAILABILITY: available now in the permanent collection at Dior counters and online
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: B

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