this week I’ve been the girl that got away.

Allow me to explain.


I’ve been wearing and testing new Elizabeth and James Nirvana dry Shampoo ($28 for a 4.4-oz. bottle), and my hair has smelled like the hair of the girl that got away…who had great smelling hair.

I can’t remember where I heard this before, and something tells me it was in a shampoo commercial (LOL!), but I’ve heard that your hair should smell like the girl who got away, as in the stranger who walks by you on the sidewalk or the train one day, and you catch a whiff of his or her wonderful hair, which is, of course, perfectly styled, and the memory of said hair haunts your dreams for all time. From that day forward, you remember him or her as the guy or gal with the fantastic smelling hair who got away.

You know a hair product smells good when you can’t stop sniffing handfuls of your hair, and I’ve been doing that a lot with this new dry shampoo. It’s the best smelling dry shampoo I’ve ever smelled.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

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Correction — there are two of them, and they’re both the best smelling dry shampoos I’ve ever smelled. One is called Nirvana White, and the other’s Nirvana Black, and they’re after their respective perfumes by Elizabeth and James (otherwise known as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s company).

Nirvana White is the lighter, fresher of the two, a strappy sandals and ruffled dress girly girl scent with notes of peony, muguet (lily of the valley) and musk. Meanwhile, Nirvana Black is a sensual, moody motorcycle jacket with sky-high stilettos and dark lipstick with notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla.

Both are fine mist aerosol sprays that absorb oil while adding texture and volume (and one of two freaking fantastic scents) without leaving behind a heavy residue.

I’m on day four of my current blowout, and wow! — I’m like Pharrell right now (happy). These are the real deal. I’ve also walked three times on the treadmill over the four days, so I can say that my roots should be sufficiently janky, but these dry shampoos have handled the oil, junk and funk well.

And the mist, too! I’m weirdly particular about my mists when it comes to dry shampoos, and this one is great. It comes out of the bottles strong and fine and covers a large area.

Once in a while, if I spray too close to my head, I’ll get a little of that telltale dry shampoo white powder mist, but it’s nothing that a quick scalp massage and a brush through can’t fix.

Overall, me likey. Me likely a lot. These are light, airy and don’t leave my roots feeling stiff. Instead, I get great root lift — even better than the lift I get from my beloved Living proof dry Shampoo.

Tudom! I’m pretty excited too.

But are they as good overall as Living Proof?

Ah, the million dollar question…

For me, almost, but not quite. While Nirvana White and Black leave my hair feeling light and refreshed, I think my hair feels cleaner (and has less residue around my roots) when I use Living Proof.

That’s not to say that Nirvana leaves a ton of gunky root residue, because it doesn’t. Actually, it leaves very little, even after four days. In fact, gunky root-wise, Nirvana’s residue situation is much, most better than most dry shampoos, in my opinion.

That’s good stuff.

Who would have thought it would take a dry shampoo to turn me into an Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume fan?

Tudom! It only took forever, LOL!

Yeah…I’ve also been wearing the brand’s fragrances to go along with my new scented hair, and man, sometimes it’s really fun to be a girly-girl, because we get to do things like match our perfumes to our dry shampoos.

Ha! It’s the little things.


If you want to give these a sniff, Nirvana White and Nirvana Black are available now exclusively at Sephora and ($28 each).

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