Let’s talk about brows…

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Girl, I don’t have much to state about eco-friendly lip gloss (other than this: if you can pull it off, WERK IT), however I can talk permanently as well as a day about brows.

Because there’s just so much to state about brows! — as well as not just about brows, however don’t you believe that brows likewise state a great deal about us?


They’re extremely expressive as well as revealing, like, you can tell when somebody is mad, glad, amazed or unfortunate by the angle of their brows.

Aaand they can likewise tell you if somebody complies with Instagram.

You understand what I’m speaking about. The well-known “Instagram Brow”? sculpted arches with a razor sharp tail as well as a subtle ombre impact that shifts from lighter on the side better to the nose to darker as it goes out?


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I see so numerous gals who can rock that look, however man, oh, man! — I’m not one of ’em. On me, they’re a no-go. I tried them once, as well as I appeared like an evil villain plotting to blackmail somebody for a billion dollars…

It’s just not the look for me, however that’s completely okay since brows are so individual. They’re like fingerprints.

And just like there are lots of different brow shapes as well as styles, there are likewise numerous methods to preserve them. You can get them waxed or threaded or shaped by a brow specialist. Or, you can do what I’ve always done, as well as take care of them at home.

My primary must-have brow tools
Yup, I pluck (and I’ve always plucked) my own brows.

I’m type of a weirdo manage freak, as well as the believed of putting my brows in somebody else’s hands kinda frightens me. Plus, I saw a lady walk as much as a makeup counter searching for assist in tears when since she stated that she went to a brow specialist, as well as they eliminated half of her brows!

The event traumatized us both.

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I likewise just like doing it myself. It’s one less visit to keep.

My brow maintenance process is quite simple. First, I clean them with a brow comb like the charm 360 Brow & Lash Perfector at CVS ($5.99). then I fill them in with a brow pencil or a brow powder, as well as I begin to get an concept of the final shape. then it’s simpler to tell precisely where I requirement to pluck any type of stray hairs.

The charm 360 Brow & Lash Perfector
Csipesz. I begin with a pair of slanted suggestion ones very first to eliminate the huge hairs then utilize a pointy suggestion one to whisk away the smaller, finer hairs that are harder to grab. The charm 360 supreme Brow Definer ($4.99) as well as Dual-Ended precision Tweezers ($6.99) do the trick, as well as I always pluck from beneath (never, ever from above) to ensure that I don’t mess with the greatest point in the arch.

The affordable charm 360 line is special to CVS as well as includes a broad variety of charm tools for brow maintenance, nail grooming, skin care as well as hair.

Beauty 360 supreme Brow Definer
Lastly, if there are any type of long hairs that prolong beyond the area I’ve filled in, I trim them down with charm scissors or precision Razors ($4.99).

Beauty 360 precision Razor
Have your brows altered over the years? Mine completely have. When I started MBB in 2007, I was going with what I phone call my “Hawaii brows” phase.

Hadd magyarázzam…

So, El Hub (my husband) was born as well as increased in Hawaii, as well as I discovered when we’d go to the islands for sees that a great deal of the women in his household were rocking these very skinny, high arched, extremely ’90s brows at the time, which, yes, I started rocking too.

The evidence: my “Hawaii brows” heyday, circa 2007.

This was a picture I took for an author bio headshot for a freelance post I was writing, as well as the piece, coincidentally, was a travel post about Hawaii (no, brows were not mentioned, haha!).

Mind you, this was after years of plucking my brows nearly into oblivion in the ’90s, so I’m amazed I still had any type of brows delegated work with. I have good friends whose brows never grew back after that era, as well as come to believe of it, mine didn’t completely recuperate either. I still have a bald patch best at the bottom of the arch in my left brow that I affectionately refer to as Raul, aka my nemesis/arch enemy/the bane of my brow existence.


It’s tYpe őrült pontosan, hogy mennyire képes módosítani az enyém, hogy az enyém úgy néz ki, mint most, mint ők, mint azután …

Ezekben a napokban a teljesebb, egyenesebb szemöldök, valamint a szemöldök, amit most két évig tartottam.

Ó, ez volt egy hoot, hadd mondjam el ya. Rengeteg volt elrejteni a homlokszőrzetet a rejtegetővel.

az egyik a bal oldalon), nincs szükségem arra, hogy egyáltalán tartsák ezt.


Tehát beszéljünk szemöldök! Pontosan hogyan magyarázza meg a jelenlegi homlokát? Növekszik őket, vagy egyedül hagyja őket? Pontosan, hogy pontosan hogyan tartod meg őket?

A barátságos közösségi bájfüggő,