$20 Tarte Sex Kitten liquid Liner
Let’s step into the feline woman confessional for a moment, shall we? since I have a couple things to get off my chest…which is currently covered in tabby fur.

First: sometimes I believe about kidnapping my neighbor’s feline Harris, as well as I may or may not have already concocted an elaborate plan to lure him into my home.


I understand this is wrong, however I can’t assist it.

Super consumed with this splendid beast! (Please don’t tell Tabs.)
Second: mostly, I like utilizing Tarte Sex Kitten liquid liner since there’s a feline head on the end of it.

Look exactly how adorable he is!! He looks kinda grumpy, too, which speaks to my soul, particularly in the morning.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

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OK…now I’m looking carefully at this feline head, as well as I just realized that he looks a bit beat up. My poor for not taking photos of him (yes, he’s a boy) sooner.

Beauty blogging is weird, man. most of the time I select not to utilize a product up until after I’ve taken pics of it first, however sometimes — like WHEN YOU have A feline HEAD ON THE CAP OF YOUR liquid liner — I get so excited that I fail to remember to take the “before” pics. then I end up with a somewhat tow-up feline head.


BTW, this thing is truly good! It’s a great deal like Clinique quite Easy, which I believe is the most easy to use liquid liner available now.

Like quite Easy, Sex Kitten is intensely pigmented, black as well as shiny, as well as it has a versatile felt tip that’s simple to draw thick or thin lines with. Figuring out exactly how to do flicks with Sex Kitten was a bit tricky, though. It’s somewhat longer than quite Easy.

Sex Kitten likewise dries in about 30 seconds, so you won’t have to sit there humming wonderful Caroline permanently with your eyes closed (ugh, don’t you dislike it when wet liner transfers up into your crease?). as well as when it dries, not even the abrasive caress of a cat’s tongue licking your lid will eliminate it. Tabs can attest to this.

Wearing Tom Ford Burnished Copper on my lids as well as MAC Saddle in my crease. The liner is Tarte Sex Kitten liquid Liner.
I such as this as a cruelty-free, vegan alternate to Clinique quite Easy. on that note, isn’t it fantastic exactly how we have so many makeup options these days? like with liner, back in the day, you had two options — black or brown. as well as perhaps one brand. Ennyi volt.


We online in extraordinary times, people. extraordinary times.

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