Technically, yes, this is a makeup blog. It’s best there in the name. however I wantonly as well as routinely disregard that to publish whatever I feel like. This, I have done because 2007. ?

That said, there is a valid beauty-related reason why you’re taking a look at my recently obtained pair of 20-pound dumbbells, a.k.a. “my precious,” best now.


I’d been on the internet buying for dumbbells for a couple months, however for totally understandable reasons they’ve been difficult to discover in stock, so when I found them on the Target site about a week ago, I pounced! now they’re my preferred thing in the whole broad world, as well as because exercise makes you sweat, a.k.a. “glisten,” as well as that glow can likewise be characterized as a dewy sheen, there’s your charm angle.

In a nutshell, lifting weights is tantamount to using highlighter.



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Gosh, I truly miss that HIIT class I was going to before the pandemic started… It was always so much fun! I miss the energy, my friends, as well as I miss all the great devices they had at the gym. I miss being able to just get a 35-pound dumbbell without a second thought.

But you understand exactly how it is now. We online by the pandemic code: “You do what you gotta do to make it work.”

Soooo, now I do at-home HIIT workouts on Youtube, as well as in the process I’ve been improvising with the little weights I already had at home, which were mismatched dumbbells as well as other weights cobbled together from different weight sets I inherited from El Hub as well as my neighbors.

The heaviest dumbbells were those big iron adjustable ones with sharp edges that kept scraping my wrists as well as ankles, however they’re what I had so I rolled with them while keeping my eyes peeled for something better.

Hence the previously mentioned pouncing.

Target only had at-home shipping available, as well as the box they came in was a basic flimsy cardboard Target shipping box — completely insufficient to ship 40 pounds of iron. The UPS man knocked on my door when he provided them with a look like “um…something happened” as well as the weights were sitting on the ground next to him, outside of the box since it had completely ripped apart.

Just a heads up in situation you purchase heavy dumbbells on the internet from Tar-ghay. They may or not make it to your home in the box!

I’m very thrilled about these weights, as you can tell, so I’m about to relocation my body girl, to quote Nina Sky. While I do that, here’s your reading for the weekend… ??

Beauty brands are linking with their clients in innovative methods these days. Bobbi Brown, for instance, just introduced a service called makeup With Friends, which is essentially Zoom makeup lesson with a Bobbi brown makeup artists as well as a few of your buddies where you can ask concerns as well as get tips. as well as Blushington, a charm store with seven places across the U.S., started doing one-on-ones with makeup artists as well as group makeup parties. seems fun, doesn’t it?

Tips for drawing liner on hooded lids, according to Betty White’s (a.k.a. increased Nylund’s!) makeup artist.

The finest skin care to safeguard against blue light from screens (like the one you’re taking a look at now!), according to Allure.

Fall is typically all about lipstick, however with surgical masks everywhere, nail polish is the new autumn lippie!

Speaking of nail polish, I truly want to try this quick-dry version by Nails Inc., which is expected to dry in 45 seconds.

Cats in space!

Love this look, particularly the lip

In situation you requirement some pleased music today

This appears like so much fun.

Really enjoying these covers


Mit vagy annyit, mint ma? I hope you’re able to slip in a long time to rest as well as recharge. Ez fontos.

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